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Announcement banner plugin for wordpress
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Site Announcements


Site Announcements is a WordPress plugin that allows you to broadcast site-wide messages to your visitors, as well as set custom parameters for the messages, such as the background and text color, and how long a user-hidden announcement should be hidden from users.

This repository is primarily for development, so if you're looking to use Site Announcements on your WordPress site, please download/install the plugin from the official WordPress plugin repository:

By default, announcements will open in a slide-down modal (showing the announcement content). Alternatively, each announcement can be configured to point to an internal or external URL. Announcements with no URL and no content will simply display user-selected text, which can be handy for broadcasting things like coupon codes or important messages to users.

Plays well with the WordPress Admin Toolbar and is mobile-friendly. Has been tested with 100+ WordPress themes and should work well on all themes. If you have theme compatibility issues, please post a support thread or contact me.

The plugin's font sizes and families are inherited from the theme. If you wish to make adjustments to the announcement bar's font sizes or types you will need to add custom CSS to override your theme's styles.

Site Announcements uses animate.css for the modal transitions and JSCookie for setting a cookie if a user hides a modal.


Contributions are welcome and always appreciated, as are bug/issue reports.